Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Reasons to get your client pre-approved for a mortgage!

Well let see. You are a very busy professional Realtor, with limited time to do it all: promoting your business, look for listings, set up open houses, write offers, present them and so on. The last thing you need to invest days in a buyer to shop for a house and end up with no sale, due to client either can't afford the property they like or have credit issues and can not get the mortgage they need to complete the purchase. There are also other reasons to learn about to team up with an experienced mortgage broker!

The difference between pre-qualified and pre-approved  client is that actually you close the sale with a pre-approved client and do so without wasting your time, you only show properties client can afford and not just dreaming of. We provide information for your client and make them easier to deal with when it comes to finance the purchase and also confidence to make an offer faster than undecided shoppers, thus making your job easier and the process much smoother.

We also urge Realtors, whom they still provide open houses, to enlist the services of one of our mortgage
professional by inviting them to the open house, creating a one stop shop experience to potential clients and create a feeling of obligation to make them return to Realtor to go home viewing once our associate get them

MortgagePRO is uniquely positioned and enabled to provide mortgage approvals for clients with credit, job, age problems and also get self employed and new to Canada clients an approval, combining institutional and private funds for positive outcome.

How to earn extra commission by partnering up with MortgagePRO? Come back to read on on that soon.  

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Networking with MortgagePRO: Realtors Helping Buyers - Closing More Sales

As a realtor, you want your clients to be successful with their property purchase. Pre-approvals mean you will close more sales but spend less effort and time to earn your commissions as you can focus on properties that you know they can afford.

Your clients will get the property they want faster and easier with our Client Pre-approval Program. We also pay referral fees to realtors - an extra commission so you get an even better return on your effort.

For more information on the benefits of our pre-approval program visit the Realtors section at The Mortgage Reference Centre or contact our office at 403.253.2022 to discuss this program.

More benefits to team up with MortgagePRO:
  • Commission paid  on every referral minimum $400 or 10% whichever is bigger
  • We provide a Pre-Approval in hours
  • Have private lenders to fund for clients with issues
  • Programs for self-employed, new to Canada and people with bad credit
  • Program to help in case client is short on down payment
  • Equity loans second mortgages for the hard to approve clients
  • Help to pull equity on other real estate to have adequate funds to close
  • Equity loans second mortgages to fix clients credit for future purchase
  • We will commit to come for open house to pre-qualify clients
  • We refer our pre-approved clients to our realtor friends

    Always there for advise and support your efforts to close more deals, you can count on us.